Natural Born Chillers 2 by Various Artists


Aleph Zero Recors’ musical vision is one of downtempo electronic music, journeying through the realms of ambient, chill out, ethnic sounds and experimental electronica. Natural Born Chillers 2 fits perfectly to the description. Immerse and enjoy!

3TRIPS: Yppah – Blue Schwinn

Music tags: ninja tune, idm, electronica
Mood tag: trippy

In the past 15 years I’ve spend every day listening to music like it was the last day of my life as listener. This intense need to fill myself with sound gave me the opportunity to experience music in very different ways. 3TRIPS is about 3 simple ways of experiencing and exploring the same song. Let’s observe our state and emotions in each of these ways.

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The song I chose today is Blue Schwinn by Yppah, known as Joe Corrales Jr.

Landscape and memory have always played a central part in the music of Joe Corrales Jr. aka Yppah (pronounced “yippah”). It’s what gives his tunes both their sense of place, their physicality, and their ethereal – almost nostalgic – sweetness. Joe Corrales Jr, from Houston, Texas debuted on Ninja Tune in 2006. His third album for Ninja Tune reflects a change in the landscape around him. Midway through the process of recording the demos for what became Eighty One, Corrales started making regular trips to Galveston, on the Texas Gulf coast, to surf. So energized was he by his experiences, he left his home in Texas and moved to Long Beach, California. Unsurprisingly then, he says that the images he had in his head as he made his new music were of the sea and the beach. I wanted a lot of the songs to feel like a warm wash, he explains. (Source:

Now that we know a little about the artist, let’s try this:

1. Audio – no visual, no distraction. Similar to reading a book, experiencing only the audio is letting my mind and imagination explore the sound.


2. Live Video – the fact that I can see the artist play is making me feel like I’m a part of the gathering, the artist is sharing with me the inspiration of the moment.

3. Visualization – the most trippy way I’m experiencing a song. I’m just letting it go, allowing to receive what the trip as a whole is offering me.

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“Proteigon” & “Friction” by Burayan

* short * stop motion animation *

Burayan is Steven Briand. He graduated from Ensad in animation. He’s doing animation short films, mixing techniques such as live action and stop motion. Enjoy his work:


Directed at Partizan during a two month intership. With Luca Fiore, music by Nodey & Omar, sound design by Moritz Reich.
With the help of Nathalie Lapicorey, Zeynep Gizem De Loecker, Benoit Masson, Vincent Nguyen, François Colou et Fabien Chambert


Graduation Short Film, directed at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris in 2010 – 2011, in the animation section. FRICTIONS mixes live action and stop motion animation and has been shot with a Canon Camera 5D Mark II and a 24-70 L lens, in a blue screen studio located in Ensad’s building.
directed by: Steven Briand
with: Julien Jourdain de Muizon
choreographer: Clara Henry
cinematographer and cameraman: Pierre Yves Dougnac
music and sound design: Moritz Reich & Agathe Courtin
visual effects: Francis Cutter & Benoit masson
costume: 2WS – world wild souls
first assistant: Romain Daudet Jahan
animation assistants: Natalianne Boucher, Camille Chabert & Luca Fiore
visual effects assitant: Sarah Escamilla


Colombia – Timelapse by MB Films

Colombia – Timelapse from MB Films on Vimeo.

Colombia – 2012
On my second holiday to this stunning country I decided to do the fatal thing and take my camera along with me. I thought about shooting a timelapse shot or two… I ended up filming on average 2 shots per day over the course of 4 weeks and it really became a working holiday!

I was a little nervous to begin with. I had been there before, but didn’t take my DSLR along with me. Now Colombia is vastly safer than it was 20-30 years ago – however its still a little risky if you don’t know where to go. Also, the very nature of timelapse means your stuck in one place for an hour or two and it could be a nice target for opportunists! Luckily I had my father in law and new camera assistant Moises – He even took a small baseball bat along with him on an evening in Bogota! In the end we weren’t troubled at all and I’m so glad I managed to capture so many great images.

Quite a bit of this film was shot in Bogota, and in the Quindio region, including Armenia. We also travelled to Melgar, Manizales and Pereira.

I was limited in what I could take kit wise due to travelling with a baby. So I took a very lightweight tripod, a Canon7D and my trusty 17-55mm f2.8 lens. Had a few problems with camera shake in post, but actually the small tripod held up OK!
This time round I shot a fair amount of HDR timelapse – and had days of processing with Photomatix. On balance I think it was really worth it. So many of the scenes had extreme exposure contrast and I really wanted to preserve detail in the sky and in the landscape itself. It was cut using FCP, and graded with Magic Bullet Looks. All of the tilt shift effects are done in post using Magic Bullet.

Please do go ahead and visit this country if you get the chance!

Ed Beck
MB Films