A M B I E N T | space ——[6]—— trippy


60790_459152920787576_1339237714_nThis is a music and pictures compilation.

Immerse yourself in the space created by these trippy ambient soundscapes.

Music tags: ambient, psychill, chillwave
Mood tag: trippy

Pictures © FuckArt

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Pictures © FuckArt

“In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, there’s an island which according to some theory, was once known as Atlantis… somewhere there, there’s a small bewitched valley, where an even smaller village rises, probably twinned with Deià-Bananamoon Observatory in Baleares… in this small village, far away from Internet and from art-galleries, lives Bob, with his pens and his music.
Discover him, ’cause he is not going to introduce himself.”

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