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About H O M E | sound

HOME is the place where you find your true self.
Whether your are home or your mind only travels there, HOME is the place where you like to play with your own precious thoughts and you hear the SOUND of your private and warm space.
Whether you are enjoying your own presence or someone else’s close to you, you are in the place where you feel good. This mix is designed to complete the comfort of your HOME. Enjoy!

This is a free electronic music compilation of carefully hand-picked melodious tracks that fit together.
Every tune has its own special place in BJ mixes, you will not find the same track in different mixes.
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downtempo * electronica * ambient * chillout * trip-hop * lounge * big beat * dub * ninja tune * dance * funk * nu jazz * aciz jazz * psychill * braindance * toytronic * sweet * electro * downbeat * instrumental * groove *

Copyrights by Remus Tiplea; remus-tiplea.com;

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  • http://www.facebook.com/FioAnghel2010 Florin Anghel

    You guys are doing a great job here! Keep up the good work! 😀